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Come and see us in action, or try out and play with us! Our program addresses on all aspects of the game; from focus and footwork to forehands and backhands.

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Discovering the game: This class focuses on the basic motor skills in a fun and social environment: hand-eye coordination, balance, footwork, agility, and racquet skills.

Trying the game:  This level is designed to introduce the game of tennis and skills needed to play in a fun and creative way through competition.

Playing the game: In this level our players will have an understanding of the game and will start to compete on a team and in a simple individual events.

Our camp is the combination of tennis, team sport, fitness and great fun activities that cater for players of all standards. Players should bring tennis racquet and wear tennis shoes, clothing, hat, and sunscreen.

Players see lessons, training, and matches as a way to preparing for competitions, and to develop skills to ensure future success.

Everyone is welcome, our progam provides a strategic foundation to develop skills in a exciting learning environment.

This triples your fitness fun. Set to music, one session a week will leave you feeling fitter and more energized than ever before. Come & try.

Everyone is welcome to a games and fun social mixer.

For all levels and ages